Marti d.o.o. | COMPANY
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about the company

Marti Innovative Constructions is a company that develops new ideas and products in the area of steel and metals. We are present on the market with an innovative approach and custom-made products. Our market position has been confirmed by delivering quality products all over the World. The quality of our products is assured with “up-to-date” technology, automated production lines and high-tech machines and processes such as robot welding, laser cutting, 3D bending and milling, turning, powder coating, digital and screen printing, and engraving.

In the past years, our team of experts has developed and protected many different products, including:

  • the contour bottle table
  • advertising heater
  • flexible table

In order to provide a wide range of tailor made and customized products, we continuously strive for production process optimization using advanced technology and creative ideas.
Finally, our products are not only about technology; It also takes creativity, design, craftsmanship and extensive knowledge of the materials we use (metal, textile, acrylic glass, wood, etc.).

We are ready to accept new challenges!


It is the policy of Marti to supply products and services that conform to all established requirements and expectations of it’s customers. We are further committed to a programme of Continuous Improvement.